Financial Planning for
Small Businesses
and Startups

Free and easy-to-use solution

  • Input made in familiar spreadsheet tables
  • The most useful financial analysis
  • Reports and presentations
  • Test different scenarios
  • Cash flow budget

To help you plan for the future!

Save time and money!

Start now

Get a Financial Model of your company!

Use a template for your business, input your numbers.
Get complete financial projections for:

- Cash flow

- Income statement

- Balance sheet

Learn about your possible financing need, profitability, valuation and more!

Make better business decisions!

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Easy to learn and use

  • - Use a template for your business. Customize the template if needed
  • - Input your numbers. Start easy, and expand the analysis if needed
  • - User-friendly spreadsheet compatible input

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Make better business decisions!

  • - Find the price, cost and volume needed in order to be profitable
  • - Break-even analysis: When will you be profitable?
  • - Estimate possible profitability and valuation
  • - Have an updated cash flow forecast
  • - Easily test different scenarios
  • - Estimate capital need

The most effective financial planning

Reporting and presentations

Informative graphical reports and presentations.
Easily distribute reports/presentations with Url links, and easily update them if necessary.

  • - Text, charts, tables, images and videos
  • - Mobile friendly
  • - Always updatable

Save a lot of time

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Valuation analysis

Easily perform valuation estimates of the business.

  • - Test different valuation methods
  • - Test different scenarios
  • - Valuation range

Estimate the value of your business

Uncertainty and Probabilities

Easy-to-use full scale risk assumptions functionality (Monte carlo)

and easy to use

Just do the input that is relevant for your analysis, all else is taken care of

Save time and money!

Powerful reporting and presentation

Interactive charts

Mobile friendly

Easily update reports and presentations

Spreadsheet compatible

Feel at home with input done in spreadsheet tables which also allow to include formulas

Easily copy to/from Excel and Google sheets


No installation is required - sign up for FREE and you are ready to create your analysis

Share & Colaborate

Invite your collegue(s) to work together on the analysis and when you are done, share analysis report with anyone using a link. The recipients are not required to register!

Save time

Dive into the analysis instead of spending hours and days trying to set up a correct model

Just do the input relevant for your analysis - easily extend if needed

Easily create reports and presentations


Rest assured - your analysis is always correctly calculated!

You can easily download a complete and structured overview of all the assumptions and calculations made - This download can be opened in Excel and Google sheets

Plan for everybody

When you register you will automatically get access to the Standard solution.

When you are logged in, you can upgrade to a premium solution from the top-right menu.

Standard User



  • 2 companies/analysis

  • 24 forecast periods

Cover the needs for most users!

Premium User

10€ Monthly

100€ Yearly

  • 100 companies/analysis

  • 60 forecast periods

  • Access to all features!

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Enterprise Solution

From 100€ Monthly

1000€ Yearly

  • Help your users with their financial forecasts and analysis

  • Have a safe and clear overview over your users submitted/shared analysis

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